Term Structure (for billing purposes)

  • ISA revised its term structure and naming effective January 1st, 2014.
  • Terms now run in line with the calendar year starting January and ending December.
  • There are two terms in the year:
    • August to December
    • January to June

Refund Policy

  • ISA operates a “no-refunds” policy which is standard in our industry; if a paid-for lesson is missed for a legitimate reason (see below) a make-up class is offered within the same term.


  • All invoices issued are to be settled upon receipt. ISA does not offer credit terms.
  • Training term fees are payable in full latest by the end of the 1st week of each term.
  • League fees are payable in full upon receipt of invoice.
  • Tournament fees are due latest one prior to departure (overseas) or tournament start date (domestic).


  • For a missed training, the standard resolution is for a make-up class to be offered during the same term. No carryovers to the next term.
  • ISA recognises that exceptional circumstances can occur and resolution is at sole discretion of the Academy Manager:

Payment Methods

  • Payments should be made by bank transfer to our bank account
  • We do not accept cash or credit cards

Weather Policy

  • Please note that sessions will be held even when it rains.
  • We will stop sessions when there is lightning and heavy rain.
  • At the first sight of lightning all players will leave the field and head for sheltered area. Only when there has been a minimum of 15 mins of no lighting ,training will resume.
  • There should be a chat pop up feature – see our current website