About us

  • Founded in 2001
  • ISA is Singapore’s premier football youth academy
  • We are passionate and committed with a winning culture
  • We are community and family-friendly

Our Mission

Our Mission is to give boys and girls of all ages and abilities high-quality coaching and the space to develop their skills in a positive, fun, and nurturing environment

We Focus on Our Core Values


We want to see our players developing technical and tactical skills based on their individual potential and goals


We teach our players to be disciplined and responsible for themselves


We show our players that putting in effort helps achieve positive results


We want our players to see that the sum is greater than its parts and to also find the right balance between individual brilliance and team play


We want our players to see that results don’t always come easy and it often takes time and ups and downs to reach your goal


Our players earn respect through courteous behavior on and off the pitch


We accept victory with humility and defeat with dignity


Ethics and Fair Play are important and we like the motto “train hard, win fair”


We want to make sure everyone enjoys the beautiful game to the fullest

Our Training Methods

We believe football training is a means by which valuable life skills can be taught, such as teamwork, dedication, perseverance and healthy lifestyles. Football training should not only offer the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for the game itself, but should take a holistic approach, also developing young people’s personal and social skills.

At ISA, our training methods vary based on a player’s stage of development, taking into account the player’s age and size, physical and psychological development and level of potential already achieved.

Beginners – 4 to 6 y/o

Early on, when players are just starting, we believe players should have fun while developing an interest in football  Players in this stage can learn basic soccer skills like dribbling and passing, as well as general skills such as coordination and attentiveness.

Young Players – 6 to 12 y/o:

As players advance a bit in age after having been introduced to football, a young player’s love for football can be awakened by playing the game as a team, which in turn encourages a desire to master various techniques. For players at this stage, ISA focuses on deepening skills and allowing players to explore and consider positions on the pitch as well as developing the ability to interact with teammates in order to challenge opponents. Coordination exercises exercises to develop agility and suppleness as well as games based on reactions, and changes of direction are also part of training for this age group.

The Golden Age – 13 to 15 y/o

In the period thereafter, our training focuses on development and education. This is the “golden age” for the development of technical, tactical, and psychological skills. At this age, ISA coaches work on basic technical skills, individual tactical awareness, and basic principles of the game, as well as starting to look at mental attitudes such as concentration, self-confidence, perseverance, and willpower. ISA also focuses on learning, practicing, and transposing the technical skills mastered to game scenarios.

Maturing Players – 16 to 18 y/o

The next training stage is a time to reinforce the qualities already acquired to enable the player to improve performance. At this age, ISA focuses on key technical, tactical, physical and mental factors, such as teaching techniques specific to the player’s position, working on different formations and organisation (attacking and defensive) and adapting to different systems of play, as well as encouraging physical fitness and developing skills such as  concentration, self-confidence, perseverance and will power.

Goalkeepers – 4 to 18 y/o

Goalkeepers work with our dedicated goalkeeper coach and focus on stance, footwork, shot stopping and handling, diving, distribution, and passbacks, 1 v 1s and positioning

We Offer Something for Every Age and Ability

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Individual Training

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