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Current Snapshot of ISA

ISA is on a journey  - exciting and transformational.

In August  2013, ISA welcomed new co-owners to its board. 

The new co-owners share the same passion for the school, the game and youth development as its founder does. The partnership is injecting new life into the school and will continue to do so. The primary focus for this year being the on-going enhancement &  development of the quality of the coaching services under expert supervision and guidance from some of the very best global talents in youth football; a sharp focus is also being given to business administration and the introduction of high standards of professionalism to running all aspects of the school .

This is an exhilarating time at ISA. The soul and culture of ISA that many know and love will be protected and carefully nurtured. Meanwhile, new energy and fresh ambition is being infused into our operations – driving ISA to the next level in excellence of quality youth football coaching, and just as importantly, the parental experience.